TV star blasts airline for ‘complete negligence’ after being rushed to hospital for near-fatal reaction

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Former Love Island star Jack Fowler has revealed a horrific incident that left him needing oxygen tanks and being rushed to hospital.

The reality star, 28, shared a post on social media and explained that he suffered an allergic reaction on a flight, despite checking multiple times whether nuts were in the food he was being served.

Alongside a video that showed him injecting himself with an epipen while on the flight, and several images receiving treatment with oxygen tanks and in hospital, Jack wrote: ‘Can’t believe I’m having to post this. And I’m posting because people should be aware of the severity of how bad food allergies can be and the complete negligence from @emirates airline.

‘I recently flew with Emirates Airline where I was given a Cashew Nut. I made my flight attendant aware of my nut allergy twice before being given a chicken curry.

‘I wasn’t given a menu to chose from, instead I was asked directly if I wanted chicken or fish. I opted for the chicken. When I asked for the chicken I told the air-host that I’m severely allergic to all nuts. I was then told that there was no nuts in the chicken curry.

‘When I received the meal I asked the same flight attendant again to make sure, and again was told that it does not have nuts included. Trusting my flight attendant I began to eat the chicken curry. Immediately my throat closed up and breathing became extremely difficult.’

Jack Fowler using an oxygen mask
Jack revealed the incident took place on a recent flight (Picture: _jackfowler_/Instagram)
Jack Fowler hooked up to medical equipment
He was immediately rushed to hospital for emergency treatment (Picture: _jackfowler_/Instagram)
Jack Fowler in promotional imagery for Love Island
Jack appeared on Love Island in 2018 (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

He went on to explain that he told a flight attendant about his difficulty breathing and checked about nuts again, but was told that there weren’t any in the food.

At that point, a friend he was flying with asked for a menu and Jack discovered his meal was a ‘creamy cashew nut chicken curry’, sharing a picture he took of the menu that stated it.

Jack went on: ‘This left me with the real possibility of dying on the plane as I knew I needed emergency treatment immediately.

‘I was given five tanks of Oxygen, as well as administering my Adrenaline Pen (Epi Pen). I told the flight supervisor “If you don’t land this plane soon, I will die on this plane”. This then lead to the pilot speeding up the journey.

‘Once we landed I was rushed into Dubai’s airport Hospital where I continued treatment. What needs to happen for Airlines to take food allergies seriously??’

Jack Fowler injecting himself with an epi-pen
Jack was forced to inject himself with an epipen after the reaction to a cashew nut curry (Picture: _jackfowler_/Instagram)
Jack Fowler hooked up to medical equipment
He required five oxygen tanks (Picture: _jackfowler_/Instagram)
Jack Fowler in a white shirt smiling on Love Island
Jack feared dying on the plane (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Jack’s followers and friends flocked to the comments to share their support for him, with Montana Brown writing: ‘I hope you’re ok this is SO bad.’

Last year, Jack suffered a similar ordeal, after a reaction onboard a Qatar Airways flight.

He said his ‘throat closed up’ when he was served vanilla ice cream that had pistachio nuts hidden within it, and described himself as ‘extremely lucky’.

In the post, he also encouraged allergy sufferers to speak up and not to ‘feel like you are being a nuisance’ for having a dietary requirement.

Jack found fame on Love Island in 2022, forging connections with Laura Anderson and Laura Crane, before being dumped from the island. has approached Emirates for comment.

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